On the 25th September 2010, I performed ‘Curiouser’, as part of ‘The Stranger at the Party’ event, which took place in the Old Market district of Bristol. ‘The Stranger at the Party’ was curated by artist Cara Lockley.


Located on Old Market Street, within the edgeland location of Bristol’s Old Market suburb, and costumed in a dress designed to reference popular depictions of ‘Alice’ from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’ stories, someone unfamiliar is here to dwell rather than pass-through.

Aware of Old Market’s reversal of commodity exchange, from a once vibrant outdoor market setting to the buying and selling of goods and services inside shops with tinted-glass fronts disguising their contents, Curiouser focuses attention onto the street as a site of public exchange; of community and mythology, exploring what playful and performative exchanges can and do occur in this place.


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